Select the Daylilies You Want to See

Check the boxes for the desired characteristics. If no boxes in a group are checked, that group will have no effect. If several boxes are checked, any lilies that have any of those characteristics will pass. For example, if no colors are checked, then color will play no part in the selection. If several colors are checked, then any lily having at least one of those colors will be selected as far as color is concerned.

If the Primary Only box in the Colors group is checked, then only the primary, or most significant, color of each lily will be used. For example, if a lily is red with a purple eyezone, it will have a primary color of red and a seconday color of purple. If Primary Only is not checked, this lily will match a color selection of either purple or red. If Primary Only is checked, this lily will only match a color selection of red.

Only lilies that match the criteria checked in all the groups will be displayed.

Click on the Search button to display lilies that match your selected criteria.

Click on any picture to see a larger picture.

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